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Customer Portal

You can access your account information and payment history through our customer portal. Please register at using your email address that we have on file.

For assistance with your loan, payoff information, or to request a change in payment due date, address or phone number, please contact us via email at or call (805) 981-2200. Please have your account number for faster service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make this month’s payment

If you have made at least six full payments on your loan, you may qualify for a one month deferral of your loan payment. The deferred payment will be added to the end of your loan, thus extending the maturity date of your loan, and you will incur additional interest during the life of the loan. Please click here to submit a deferment request and for additional information on deferrals.

Why haven't I received my monthly billing statement?

Billing statements are mailed approximately two weeks prior to your due date. Please call Customer Service at (805) 981-2200 to update or verify your billing address. We can also take your payment over the phone now so you don’t have to wait for your next billing statement. See the Payments page for payment options. Please note that you are responsible for making your payments by the due date listed on your contract with or without your billing statement.

How are my payments applied?

You have a simple interest loan which means that interest is charged to your loan daily based on the unpaid principal balance. Your payment is applied in the following order: 1) to convenience fees if any; 2) to past due interest and principal balances, if any; 3) to unpaid fees and interest. If your payment amount exceeds the sum of the above items, the remainder is applied to your principal balance.

Can I make partial payments on my loan?

You can make a partial payment on your loan at any time. However, if you do not pay the amount due by the due date, your loan will be considered past due and subject to late fees. Additionally, your loan will continue to accrue interest on the unpaid principal balance.

How do I payoff my loan?

Please request payoff instructions by contacting the Titles Department at (805) 981-2200 x284 or via email at Be sure to provide your account number. You may also email us from this Contact form.

Can I transfer my loan to someone else?

As an indirect lender, Freeway Funding is not permitted to modify any of the terms of your loan, including transfer of your loan to another party. For further information, please contact our customer service department.

I paid off my loan. When will I receive my title?

Within 15 business days after receipt of payoff, we will mail your title (if paper title) or notify the motor vehicle agency to release title to you (if electronic title). Please allow 15-30 days for receipt of your title based on mail time and/or motor vehicle agency processing time.

Is proof of insurance required?

You must have Comprehensive and Collision coverage with a deductible not greater than one-thousand-dollars ($1000), with Freeway Funding listed as the Loss Payee/Lienholder on the policy, for the duration of the loan. The registered owner(s) and all drivers must be covered under the policy.

The loss payee should be listed as
Freeway Funding, Inc.
PO Box 299
Camarillo, CA 93011

You may fax proof of insurance to (866) 566-3336 or email to Any lapse in coverage may result in monthly charges for Freeway’s loss damage waiver (“LDW”) program. Please note that the State of California requires you to have liability insurance.

What is Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)?

The Loss Damage Waiver is not insurance. It only covers the balance of the loan if Freeway Funding deems the vehicle to be a total loss and you have fulfilled your obligations in accordance with the terms of the LDW contract you signed. Call (805) 981-2200 x288 for further information.

Does the LDW cover my insurance requirements with the State of California?

No, the LDW only covers the loan balance if Freeway Funding deems the vehicle to be a total loss. The State of California requires liability insurance to drive a vehicle in California. You will need to contact an insurance agent to further discuss your options to meet your California insurance requirements.