Dealers welcome to Freeway Funding

Fast and Flexible Funding

Freeway Funding is a consumer finance company specializing in purchasing subprime automobile retail installment sale contracts. We provide flexible programs and unparalleled support to help grow your business. Unlike some of our larger competitors, who automate all their loan decisions in a rigid, formulaic manner, we work with our dealers to devise solutions that benefit dealer, buyer and Freeway alike.

Loan applications may be submitted through DealerTrack,
RouteOne or our DecisionLender4 portal.

If you would like more information about working with Freeway Funding, please click HERE to contact our corporate office or call (805) 981-2200 x286. To apply to become a dealer for Freeway Funding, click HERE to complete our Dealer Application Form. For a detailed outline of the dealer enrollment process, click HERE.